• Hand-Crafted Web
    Design & Development
    Working with a pixel perfectionist has its perks - It ensures every precious pixel is where is should be. From your design concepts to the final live site, every detail is thoughtfully crafted and preserved with a keen eye towards W3 standards compliant code. This ensures your website will stand the test and time - and technology.
    Web Design and Development
  • Marketing
    Services & Consultation
    Social media brought an exponential boom to the already growing world of digital marketing and online advertising. If you're not taking advantage of these modern approaches you could very well be missing out on an important audience. Come and see how you can make your mark in the age of social media!
    Marketing and Advertising
  • Graphic &
    Print Design
    When it comes to design I speak both RGB and CMYK. From digital graphics to traditional printed media, I understand what it takes to create rich and engaging content that will grab your viewer's attention.
    Digital and Print Design
My name is Nick Scardino and I'm a New York based geek (and proud). I provide a variety of services, from Web Design & Development to Marketing Materials and more. Curious to see what I can do for you? Great! Then I suggest you take a look at some of my work.
Web Design & DevelopmentWeb Design and Development
Graphic &
Print DesignGraphic and Print Design
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As a prospective client of mine I share your enthusiasm, passion, and drive for your next exciting project. I take my profession to heart and hope you do as well, so if you're ready to get started let's sit down and talk -

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