Homemade Pizza Dough Made With Yeast Starter

Disclaimer: I am an opinionated New Yorker who takes his pizza seriously. A little too seriously.


Great, now that that’s out of the way we can now get into a little bit of back-story. It was roughly two years ago, I was in the kitchen of my parents’ house when I came across some of my brother’s left over dough. I whipped up what I thought was a decent pie and sent a picture to him, feeling proud of my creation. Little did I know that his response would ignite my motivation and determination for the perfect homemade pizza, but most importantly to outdo him.

“It looks good, but mine are better.” (more…)

Speed Test

The guys over at pingdom.com have developed an invaluable tool called the “Full Page Test” for calculating some useful statistics for your website that every developer should utilize to get the best performance possible. They analyze a variety of factors such as overall load time, size, requests, caching, bad requests, and more. Take a look at how BHM tested:

website speed test

According to these results BHM is faster than 94% of the sites tested, not bad! For any section that your site may fall short in the tool also provides resources on how to fix them, and for extra measure they include detailed information on each individual request made. Head over to http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ to test your site, and try to beat my score!