About Battle Hill Media

Battle Hill Media is the personal portfolio and blog of designer / developer Nick Scardino. When he’s not coding for business or pleasure you can usually find him cooking up something delicious.

Most developers will agree that although there’s more than one way to do it, some ways are better than others. The objective of this site is to explain my approach in solving common issues I’ve personally encountered in my career, and the reasoning behind my logic. And to also to be an outlet for all the other things that pique my curiosity (cooking, music, gaming, etc).

Some miscellaneous tid-bits about the author:

  • Coffee has zero effect on me, but I still drink it because I like the taste.
  • I have an orange tabby named Nacho, he’s a jerk (but I still love him).
  • I’ve never been across the pond, but I’m hoping to change that some day!

If you think we’re a good match my resumé is available upon request. Cheers!